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zoomies slow feeder bowl | buttercup

zoomies slow feeder bowl | buttercup

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Zoomies is the OG of our silicone slowpokes feeder bowl line - it was designed in-house, keeping all size breeds in mind. Named after it's fun race-track design!

e want to spread the word, especially for those pups that inhale their food! Slowing it down helps with digestioncombatting issues such as bloating and gas. In addition, this can also help your pet to properly chew and breakdown their food to get the nutrients out of the meal they’re supposed to.

Slow feeder bowls are also a great way to add some mental stimulation to your pet’s routine. Using their problem-solving skills, figuring out how to get those morsels out can be a fun and challenging game that can reduce stress, anxiety and boredom.

Materials & Care

Made from BPA free food grade silicone, the slowpokes feeder is non-toxic, odorless, and microwave and dishwasher safe. If needed, clean with a bristle brush to clear any leftover bits!


The zoomies slow feeder holds approximately 2.5 cups of food and measures just under 7.5” in diameter and 1.5” tall with bottom suction to ensure no travel during mealtime.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to clean and use. Super pup friendly.

Kiana MacPhee (Ozzy_the.toy.aussie)
Best Slow Feeder Bowl Ever!

I have a 12 week old toy Australian shepherd who has hated eating out of normal bowls since I brought him home. I have tried other slow feeders/bowls from various pet stores, and have had little success getting him to eat out of them unless I add a high value topper. Ever since purchasing the zoomies slow feeder bowl, mealtime has been easier than ever before. Ozzy gets so excited to eat out of it that he will eat just his plain kibble without topper and without the company of a human! It has made mealtime so much easier in our household, is an excellent way to add enrichment to the day, and makes eating fun and safe for Ozzy. Could not recommend this product more highly!

The cutest, functional bowl ever!

We love our Zoomies slow feeder bowls! The color is sooooo pretty and we are huge fans of this durable silicone material. Just by feeling it, you can tell that the material used was of higher quality than a lot of other silicone slow feeders. I 100% recommend investing your money into these slow feeders!


We love the Zoomies slow feeders and the butter color was the perfect addition to our collection! We love that the bowls are both cute and functional for feeding. We will definitely be buying more colors!