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hi, i'm ollie!

Here's a little about me—
I'm the loudest wiener on the block—I don't just bork, I roooo!

I'm always bringing the energy to my mom and dad and pride myself on being the no. 1 security guard of our household. Ballin' is my main hobby but being sous chef is a close second!

Ever since I was little, I loved food so much that I tried to eat it as fast as I could. Later, I learned that this was bad for my tummy so mom and dad got me something called a slow feeder bowl so I could pace myself. Meal times have been so much more fun and exciting since then!

We've had a ton of fun learning about food and health (especially cause I got to try so many different yummy foods!). We've grown as a family over the years and it's obviously been crazy fun since I've graced them with my presence. So we thought it was time to share our love with the world through my own line of slow feeders! We're so excited that other pups will be able to enjoy these awesome bowls we've designed in-house.

I'm sure my collection of favourite goodies will grow as I do cause we're always looking out for what's new and exciting so stay tuned!

P.S. I know how lucky I have it but this isn't the case for every pup out there so we plan to donate a portion of our monthly earnings to our local SPCA! We should all help each other so we don't go to bed hungry. We appreciate your help to make this happen!

Thanks for the visit, see you soon! rooo, roooo!

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reducing waste + cost!

Our goal is to bring our customers our most loved pet goods without breaking the bank by using high-quality, sustainable products and packaging.

So we're cutting out the unnecessary packaging materials (like product hang tags) and making an effort to be all-around eco-friendly with our 100% compostable mailers and dust bags. Our partners at Tishwish plant a tree in an area around the world that requires reforestation every time we place an order with them so know that you're helping our efforts to go green with every purchase!

Our poly mailers also have a handy-dandy double strip so whether you're making a return or exchange, or simply want to re-use, simply peel off the remaining adhesive strip and ta-da, you've got yourself a recycled mailer!

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